Pictured above: (left) Green Corps alumna Bernadette Del Chiaro (GC’98) speaks at a press conference promoting solar energy. (middle) Green Corps alumni Glenn Hurowitz (GC’01) and Deborah Lapidus (GC’06) link arms with coalition partners fighting the destruction of rainforests for palm oil. (right) Alumni Patti Lynn (GC’98) and Sriram Madhusoodanan (GC’10) at Corporate Accountability’s Boston office.


After completing the training program, Green Corps connects graduates to groups looking to hire full-time staff. Green Corps graduates have taken jobs with Environment America, Greenpeace, Corporate Accountability, National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club and NRDC, among others.

For 30 years, Green Corps graduates have been infusing the environmental movement with visionary ideas and organizing savvy, making a significant impact on some of today's most pressing environmental issues.

Partial Alumni List

Adam Ruben, GC’93, Economic Security Project
Sarah Jaynes, GC’93, Rural Democracy Initiative
Pete Maysmith, GC’93, League of Conservation Voters
Tom Mooers, GC’93, Sierra Watch
Kelly Nordini, GC’93, Conservation Colorado
Gregg Small, GC’94, Climate Solutions
Aaron Viles, GC’97, Electrification Coalition
Maureen Drouin, GC’97, Maine Conservation Voters
Patti Lynn, GC’97, Corporate Accountability
John Hocevar, GC’98, Greenpeace USA
Leila Salazar-Lopez, GC’99, Amazon Watch
Antha Williams, GC’00, Bloomberg Philanthropies
Jim Dawson, GC’01, Fuse Washington
Lisa Archer, GC’01, Friends of the Earth
Nick Guroff, GC’01, International Rivers
Bill Holland, GC’01, League of Conservation Voters
Glenn Hurowitz, GC’02, Mighty Earth
Amanda Starbuck, GC ‘02, The Sunrise Project
Megan Rising, GC’02, Union of Concerned Scientists
Kate Smolski, GC’02, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Melissa Waage, GC’02, Natural Resources Defense Council
Orli Cotel, GC’03, PLUS Paid Leave for the U.S.
Hilary Zwerdling, GC’03, M+R Strategic Services
Kirsten Collings, GC’04, Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Eliot Abel, GC’04, Namaste Solar
Derek Brockbank, GC’04, Coastal States Organization
Victoria Kaplan, GC’05, Dayenu
Paul Towers, GC’05, Community Alliance with Family Farmers and the Farmers Guild
Odette Mucha, GC’06, Vote Solar
Ashley Schaeffer, GC’07, Friends of the Earth
Michael Gagne, GC’07, Mercy for Animals
Mary Rafferty, GC’08, Virginia Conservation Network
Claire Müller, GC’08, UU Mass Action
Ben Walsh, GC’08, VPIRG
Rob Klavins, GC’ 08, Oregon Wild
J.R. Tolbert, GC’08, Advanced Energy Economy
Rob Kerth, GC’09, Common Cause
John Stewart, GC’09, Corporate Accountability
Adam Colette, GC’10, Dogwood Alliance
Laura Stevens, GC’10, Sierra Club
Grace Morris, GC’11, Sierra Club
Samantha Lockhart, GC’11, National Wildlife Federation
Jennifer Marienau, GC’11, RepresentUs
Emily Heffling, GC’12, Union of Concerned Scientists
Charley Olena, GC’13, Voting Rights Lab
Jennifer Rubiello, GC’13, America Votes
Dani Neuharth-Keusch, GC’13, Organizing Empowerment Project
Lucy Sedgwick, GC’14, Ruth’s List Florida
Ben Cushing, GC’14, Sierra Club
Zack Deutsch-Gross, GC’14, San Francisco Transit Riders
Victoria Leistman, GC’15,
Lilly Adams, GC’16, Union of Concerned Scientists
Abby Tennenbaum, GC’16, Indivisible
Flora Cardoni, GC’17, PennEnvironment
Jessye Waxman, GC’18, Climate Strategies Lab
Sarah Starman, GC’19, Endangered Species Coalition
Stephanie Prufer, GC’19, Center for Biological Diversity
Julie Johnson, GC’20, Move Minnesota
Thomas Peterson, GC’21, Green Century Funds
Green Corps is part of The Public Interest Network, which operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to social change.